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Our Story

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Frozen Strawberries

Courtney Pullen Company was founded in 1996 with a vision to be the leading provider of quality products while providing unique value and services. After three years of supporting local farmers and doing a little farming ourselves, Everything Fresh was born which opened opportunities to access International brands/products through a local importer in Jamaica.

As part of our strategic plan to offer superior quality, we purchased fresh produce and speciality foods from well renowned trusted brands and kept abreast with trends and developments in the market.  

Today, our company's success is our commitment to customers, suppliers and employees, which enables us to provide greater tools and effortless standards and services. We believe relationships are key,  so we work closely with our customers seeking innovation and growth that brings added value and enjoyment to our customer's experience.



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Food Safety & Quality Farming

Food Safety & Quality

Here at Everything Fresh, we can guarantee that our products comply with the sanitary, food, and quality certifications that our clients require. Good procedures and proper handling standards play an important role in our everyday upkeep to protect the quality of our products. 

In order to be the best and to be able to produce for the Jamaican market, we constantly invest in training session to keep our employees on a confident professional level. Based on the Food and Safety guidelines, we go through all aspects that promises sustainability, traceability, environment security, health, safety and the well-being of our employees.

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Our Core

Everything Fresh was created on the foundation of Quality, Trust, Integrity and Sustainability. We pride ourselves on providing great tasting, trustworthy food that’s loved by everyone and to ensure every customer leaves with the best possible experience with every purchase.


We’re open and transparent and we invest time, resources and our core values to train, develop, and support our team to reach their highest potential, to further reinforce our brand message ‘Growth and Innovation' with the hope to continue on a path of exceptional customer experience, impeccable service, quality products and a further insight into key market .

Quality Farming
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